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Oh How the Tables Have Turned! I'm an Absolute Sucker for "Sucker"

I don't care how old you are, what you listen to, or how anti-pop culture you claim yourself to be, because the Jonas Brothers newest single will have you dancing on top of cars.

Having been on a six year hiatus to explore other ventures in their lives, the New Jersey native Jo Bros are back and they've captivated our hearts yet again. Rumors and headlines had been surfacing around the internet last week of their reformation and new music. This was confirmed with the album artwork of their single, "Sucker," being posted to their Instagram page with the simple caption, "Midnight ET #Sucker," which led them to figuratively and literally break the internet.

It feels just like yesterday when adults now in their 20s were in middle school watching Disney Channel, jamming out to, "SOS," "Year 3000," and "Hold On." There was no bigger household name than the Jonas Brothers from 2007-2009 and here we are, ten years later. I've got a feeling that the Jonas Brothers will dethrone Ariana Grande as the biggest name in pop music this summer when their full-length album drops. You heard it here first.

"Sucker," opens up with a verse from Nick, the now-frontman of the group, as he's clearly the best looking of the three, even though Kevin and Joe will always be total and complete hotties. Joe then comes in with his own verse which then slowly builds up to the chorus of both Nick and Joe harmonizing together and their voices are simply beautiful together. This track is an absolute bop with beautiful harmonies, a simple, catchy synth-riff and great lyrics.

Nick, Joe and Kevin, we will always follow you through the dark, we can't get enough.

As if you haven't already listened to, "Sucker," a thousand times already, here's a direct link to the song on Spotify. Happy Listening!!

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