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The Top 25 Beatles Songs You Probably Haven't Heard

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

Let me just point out that any time I have to limit myself (or anyone, for that matter) when making any kind Beatles list is literally an incapable task. There's just no way you could possibly leave out so many great songs without having to look over the list a dozen times and say, "how could you leave this one out?" or "how did I forget about ______?" and so forth. Whether you're a fan or not, you'll always subconsciously know that The Beatles are the most famous music act to ever grace the planet. They proved themselves with their voices and instruments, and we all heard them loud and clear; their impact on culture and society world-wide was one of the greatest phenomena to ever take place. Now, there are countless Beatles songs that we all know and love (I would hope) that are exceptionally popular for many reasons; and to further introduce to those that may not know as they don't receive as much airplay, this list is especially for you.

One thing that is crucially important for when it comes to listening to the Beatles is that while it's great to have a playlist of collective songs that span their catalog, The Beatles virtually

re-invented themselves with every album they recorded after 1964 and you'll eventually start to pick-up on it the more you listen to their music. If this hits you the way I know it can, going forward, start listening to their albums in their entirety. Once you hear just one song from an album, you'll find yourself listening all the way through without skipping any songs.

Who knows? Maybe this will be the group of songs that you needed to hear in order for you to fully engulf yourself into their music, its worth it, I promise.

John, George, Paul, Ringo

(Song, Lead Vocalist(s), Album)

1. Rain (Lennon, Single)

2. Wait (Lennon & McCartney, Rubber Soul)

3. She Said, She Said (Lennon, Revolver)

4. If I Needed Someone (Harrison, Rubber Soul)

5. Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite (Lennon, Sgt. Pepper)

6. Here, There and Everywhere (McCartney, Revolver)

7. If I Fell (Lennon & McCartney, A Hard Day's Night)

8. Words of Love (Lennon, Beatles For Sale)

9. Dear Prudence (Lennon, The White Album)

10. You Like Me Too Much (Harrison, Help!)

11. You Won't See Me (McCartney, Rubber Soul)

12. Lovely Rita (McCartney, Sgt. Pepper)

13. I Should've Known better (Lennon, A Hard Day's Night)

14. Doctor Robert (Lennon, Revolver)

15. I'm Only Sleeping (Lennon, Revolver)

16. The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill (Lennon & Ono, The White Album)

17. Sun King (Lennon, McCartney & Harrison, Abbey Road)

18. Fool on the Hill (McCartney, Magical Mystery Tour)

19. Only a Northern Song (Harrison, Yellow Submarine)

20. I'm Looking Through You (McCartney, Rubber Soul)

21. I'll Be Back (Lennon, A Hard Day's Night)

22. The Inner Light (Harrison, Single)

23. Baby's In Black (Lennon, With the Beatles)

24. Good Night (Starr, The White Album)

25. Please Mr. Postman (Lennon, With the Beatles)

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