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About Me


Howdy ya'll, my name is Michael Leopardi, and I'm just your normal 25 year old recent college graduate that loves pizza, turtlenecks, my dog Koda and of course, some proper tunes. The reason I started this website is because rather than hearing of another group or artist being promoted through social media by corporate sponsors, record labels or tabloids that show extreme favoritism, I figured, why not start a website where just an ordinary individual can share their love for certain artists and albums rather than some media outlet that's just getting paid to do so. Clicking just one YouTube video can change someone's life by exposing them to a song or an artist, it's happened to me all too many times, and so because of that, my goal is to bring people love and happiness through the music that has helped shape me into the person I am today. You never know who you may stumble upon or the impact that they may soon have on your life; or as Noel Gallagher once famously said:

"Slip inside the eye of your mind,

Don't you know you might find

a better place to play."

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