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O' Gorman? Oh Yeah!

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

Halogens Latest Single Hits Home

"Hello again," exclaims Halogen's vocalist & rhythm guitarist Zach Henry in the opening line of their newly released single, "O'Gorman." The four piece alternative rock band from Wall, New Jersey declared their return in style with their latest single, "O'Gorman," which will then be accompanied with the release of their highly anticipated EP, Happy Hour (Who doesn't love a good happy hour?). Happy Hour will be released on Friday, February 22 and based on this single, Halogens has indicated that we're all in for MANY happy hours of listening to this EP.

“No matter how bad it gets, you are my happy home”

"O'Gorman" opens up with a short cowbell fill by drummer George Saives, followed by some serious riffage from lead and rhythm guitarists Charlie Throckmorton and Henry, topped with some smooth groovin' from bassist/backing vocalist Tim Wuestneck. The song deals with one questioning their existence as a result of their surrounding peers, and their "better lives," but the real question is, "do they smile while they're all alone?" These are scenarios to which we can all relate to, or previously have at some point in our lives. It's extremely difficult be surrounded by friends that are all going off and getting these great full-time jobs while you're either waiting to get your first big break or you're still unsure of what you want do in life. As great as other people's lives may seem from an outside perspective, you never really know whether or not they're living their best life, contrary to outside perceptions, so worry about you and you only. No matter how bad it gets, you always have your happy home, whether it be another individual, hobby or creative outlet; surround yourself with something that makes you smile when you're all alone.

Happy Hour will be released on Friday, February 22nd and the band will be hosting their release show at the Asbury Park Brewery located at 810 Sewell Ave. on Saturday March 2nd with Blaise, Mandancing and Keep Flying. A clothing drive for the Jersey Shore Rescue Mission will also be held at the venue, any and all donations welcomed. All ages permitted.

Artwork courtesy of Chris Wills Flannery
Artwork courtesy of Chris Wills Flannery

Happy Hour is available for pre-order on both CD and digital format at along with new merchandise as shown below. I cant even begin to express how excited I am to see these guys back in action again along with new music, its going to be a long, yet thrilling wait.

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